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What to Buy for Travel with Your Newborn?

Are you an often traveler? Do you want to know the things that you should take when traveling with a newborn? Well, if you think the time has gone when you are free to travel and explore the world, you’re highly mistaken.  I would say, yours exciting journey is going to start with your first trip with a newborn. How? Let’s take a closer look!

There is no doubt to say having your newborn on the trip always keeps you in worry about his health, outfits, skin, and many more. But the most exciting and yet memorable part of travel with kid is seeing his mischievous and spending time with him. Also, they are inexpensive. You do not need buy extra seat, blanket and more things like toddlers.

If we talk about bad points the only thing comes to mind is packing bags. After all there are so many things including clothes, baby wipes, baby products, accessories, and more. Another important thing you need to consider is if you forget anything while packing, your whole trip may get worse.

So, here for you newbie parents we have come with a 5 best products list that may help you travel with a baby with comfort. But before jumping to the essentials, newbie parents should not forget the basic accessories, right? So let’s us check them first.

Things You Should Not Forget To Pack While Traveling With Your Newborn

Here’s we have shared the necessary things to add in your bag or add on your travel list.

1. Diapers

One of the most important things you should add to the top of your travel list is diapers. You should carry its one or two packs in your bag because it is required after few hours throughout the day. You should go with the backup.

2. Cloaks

If you are traveling inventors for the place where winters are going to arrive then blankets are the most essential thing you can add to your travel list this can be used multipurpose such as using as a bedsheet, covering your baby, or more.

3. First Aid

Another important thing you should check on your travel list is carrying the first aid box. Accidents can happen anytime, so you need to prepare for everything. Carry the lotion, skincare, ointments, and pain relievers. So, if your baby hurts you can take the medicine and enjoy the trip.

4. Foldable Bathtub

If you think the place you are going to stay on there will be a problem of clean ink or anything you should take the foldable bathtub because this quick and easy to set up so you can give your baby a healthy and best bath.

5. Milk Bottle

Sometimes you are unable to breastfeed your baby so it’s better to take a pair of milk bottles with you. This will help you at the time when your kid is hungry and you are unable to feed her.

6. Baby Monitor

When you travel sometimes it becomes impossible for you to watch on your baby and at that time baby monitors can help you to enjoy your trip with a refreshing mode you can easily watch on your baby through the baby monitor and check what your baby is doing.

7. Baby Cleaning Wipes

It is yet another best cleaning wipe that will help you keep your newborn clean and fresh as well as hygienic no matter how long the tour is.

8. Rash Cream

It is a very essential item; you should not forget to take it. At the time of traveling your baby always wear diaper which sometimes creates rashes on the skin.  With the diaper rash cream, you can easily control the rashes and ensure the baby’s skin is safe and free from infection.

9. Disposable pouches

While traveling it is necessary to take disposable pouches as this would help you to throughout dirty clothes diapers and other stuff of your baby. 

5 Best Essential Products to carry while traveling with a newborn

1. Car Seat 

We recommend you to take the car seat with you just because it gives your baby a comfortable seat. And also you cannot expect that if you are hiring taxis, the driver will not come with the car seats. We are saying with confidence because we have found many taxi companies do not provide a car seat for their kids, so we prefer to use a travel car seat or take it along with you. Especially, in the current pandemic, it becomes essential for you to have your car seat because you want to keep your kid safe.

If you think you can hire a car seat on that location so there is no confirmation that you will receive the car seat according to your child preference so it’s better to take your car seat along with your bag and enjoy the full destination without any stress.

On the other hand, a car seat becomes highly necessary when you are traveling to a major city or you have planned to stay there for a maximum of days. Just think about everything then you will easily know the value of having the car seat with you. Now the important thing is if you don’t have a car seat yet then these are the things you should keep in mind while buying the newborn car seat such as: 

  • Flexible
  • Fit with your child growth
  • Focuses on features
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable

2. Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier is yet another best travel essential you should add to your travel list. If you want to work hands-free, shopping in the crowd and using public transport baby carrier is the best you can think. There are several different types of baby Carriers are available as per you need, but you need to find that comes with the right quality and hold your baby easily. You should pick a baby carrier that is popular of the brand and provide you with features like walking and hiking.

The other feature you should consider is comfort for both you and the baby come easy to use, weather-friendly, waterproof, and easy to clean.  You know that traveling with babies can be extremely difficult because you have to prepare for everything. And the baby carrier is something that will provide essential pieces of equipment for keeping you and your baby safe while traveling.

3. Diaper and wipes case

As I said, diapers and baby wipes are the necessary items you should not forget. But packing all these things in one bag it’s quite daunting think because you do not want to keep a bag that shows the collection of diaper and baby wipes. So, we have come with a new option which is called diaper and wipes. This will keep the diaper and wipes completely clean and moist, so you will keep your baby’s skin protected and moist.

Further, it will never leave you with irritation because wipe is fully loaded with moisture and Essential oil that gives your baby skin the best cleanup and also a great comfort.  The most important feature you can see with this there is a 100% lifetime guarantee of silicone seal, easy to use, weighted base, and transparent wipe, and no harmful chemicals. The best of this, these diaper wipes case can reduce your lot of pressure of packing diapers.

4. Baby Travel Bag

The fourth important thing you need utmost is a baby travel bag. On this note, you might say that you have a lot of bags to pack your baby Essentials. But don’t you think buying a baby bag keeps your hand free and also provides you a lot of space to pack everything comfortably?  Another benefit is you will not need to check each bag to find something for your baby. You can adjust all of your baby items in one bag and you will enjoy the trip easily.

The baby bag can be used by both mums and dads as well. You can use it for placing the small accessory of your trip such as pen, notes, inner farmers, and any other thing. Now the important thing is while buying a baby travel bag you need to check the features and the quality.

These are the points to check when buying a baby travel bag:

  • Space
  • Easy to clean
  • Shareability
  • Affordable
  • Made of good fabric
  • Pockets

5. Portable Play Yard

Portable play yard is yet another option that you can use for your baby while travelling. It sounds little perfect for both babies and parents because you are traveling not just for exploring that destination, but also spending time together. So, nothing is best than to play and have fun together. With this best item, you will enjoy your time and made stronger connection with your newborn.

There are many portable play yards are available online but you need to look for the play yard which is very friendly and easy to pack for the that is perfect for babies in parents,  provide large size, breathable and safe, and also provide you a good quality play yard.

You can choose from best budget players such as Graco pack guava family Lotus travel crib, Barry John travel crib light, Graco pack and playn play yard, and summer infant pop and play portable play yard.

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