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How to Feed Your Baby Safely Products That May Help You?

Feeding a newborn is the opportunity to begin developing a strong relationship with a new little member.  Breastfeeding is a natural thing that woman knows. But it doesn’t mean you should take it lightly. Feeding is not something that performs just to remove the appetite of your infant, but it also a way to give your kid complete nourishment that would help in his/her physical and mental development.

Especially if you are a new MOM, it is obvious you do know how to get it done safely. So before you enter in the breastfeeding stage, here we have come with a list of Products that may help feed your baby safely.  It may seem difficult for you this time, but when as soon as you get closer to your breastfeeding period you will get patience, efforts, and lots of love inside that support you at every stage of your motherhood.

When to get started with Breastfeeding?

One of the best ideas to get started with breastfeeding is hospital time under the guidance of your gynecologist. She preferably the best person who guides you, also the newborn does not know how to suck nipples and feed from them. The doctors can tell you how to feed them so your baby gets full of his/her nutrition. Sometimes, nipples get slip from newborn, as he/she don’t know how to do it and might he/she feeling too sleepy. The reason can be any, but as a mom your job is to give newborn full nutrition, so take care of everything.

If you’re unable to this, then don’t get discouraged. You and your newborn are new for this job. So be calm and confident to learn everything. If you don’t get it for fee hours or more don’t get stress, your kid may not starve. After all, you baby is healthy and born with high energy.

How to hold your baby for breastfeeding?

Well, you will hear many ways to hold your baby and nursing him. But here we have shared only three best and doctor’s recommended holding methods. So have a look below.

  1. Cradle hold
  2. Football hold
  3. Lying down

In the cradle hold, you need to lay down your baby across your abdomen. Then with one hand you should support his head and with another his bottom. If you have a C section then football hold will be safe for both of you. In this, you should lay down your baby length-wise along with your arm and lift up your baby’s head towards your breast. 

The Lying down position is the most common position. Lay down your baby next to you on the bed so that his mouth and the height of your nipples matched up. In case if it’s not use your hand and adjust his position so he takes your nipples in the mouth comfortably.

Once you understand the best position for feeding, you and your baby get comfortable. Now, another question that might knock is how many times feed your newborn.

According to doctors, every two hours or a time when he/she cries, put your baby and feed her instantly. Well, the newborn takes time to learn as to where he placed his mouth to suck nipples and get food. Hence, as a mom you should adjust his mouth with your nipples, so he starts sucking comfortably.

Sometimes, in new moms milk is not enough in the beginning. But with the stimulation of sucking may help in increasing production of milk. For the starting days, newborn may drinks less than 5 minutes. Also you should note that if your newborn is sucking one latch for a long then try to switch him on another latch.

Besides your own efforts, there are some nursing products that may help you feed your baby safely.  Let’s take a closer look!

Best 5 Products that may help you feed baby safely

Following are the best product that might help you feed easily and safely. Also, note that the given products are recommended by lactation consultants.

  1. Breast Pads

Breast pads are also known as nursing pads, which are very useful in breastfeeding accessories. It can be placed into a regular nursing bra or any so that it can absorb the breast milk and prevent leaking breasts. Further, it also protects your clothing from stains. Leaking breast is sometimes common in the early days of breastfeeding, so if you won’t find any issues with this you can order the leaking breast pads or nursing pads. You might not Experience At All before, but it’s time to consider all the things in advance so you will feel comfortable when the time arrives.

Now the question is which is the right breast pad? You should buy soft nursing pads and quickly observed and also made of cotton, so you won’t find any irritation issues. Their many types of breast pads are available such as disposable nursing pads, reusable nursing pads, silicone pads, homemade nursing pads, and hydrogen pads. You need to choose the word which is very essential for your body. All of these pads are available in different shapes and sizes so you won’t find any issue while wearing them.

2. Breast Pump

If you are a working woman and unable to feed a baby throughout the day, then a breast pump is one of the best products you should pick for the baby. The breast pump usually made of high quality that helps you maintain your milk supply when you are away from your baby.

If your baby is premature you know that breastfeeding is too important. But due to the working schedule and unable to meet your children’s requirements, a breast pump will help you. There are so many options are available to feed your baby, but one of the best options that easy for every mom is breast pumping. This will increase your freedom and you will go for the occasional date, business meeting, etc.  Even more, the breast pump allows working moms to experience the satisfaction of providing what best for their baby.  On the other hand, pumping will increase the pressure under the breast that usually works in the milk supply and also softening nipples that help your baby for easy latching.

3. Nursing Bras

If you are preparing your pre-baby to-do list then don’t forget to add nursing bras. With these, your nursing becomes easier and gives you a sense of comfortable, which you are unable to find with normal bras. Nursing bras have special features with the cups like clip down, fall, and pull aside and also allow your baby to feed your milk anytime when he needs it. Another benefit is the material used in traditional bras is uncomfortable for the mom’s especially when they have to feed their baby again and again.

The nursing bras are made of 100% nylon fabric that allows your skin to breathe.  Further, the nursing bras have wide straps that give comfortable support for your back, neck, and shoulder pain, and also increased your comfortable while feeding your baby any time at any place. The best about nursing bras is it can adjust the body itself.

At the time of breastfeeding, you need the quality that is skin-friendly breathable and made of good fabric. This is why we are recommending this to buy. You can choose from counted Cup nursing bras, simple sublime bras, and nursing tanks.

4. Bottles and Nipples

It doesn’t matter you are feeding your baby breast milk or bottled milk you will need to buy the bottle and nipples of high-quality. When buying nipples and bottles, the choice mainly depends upon your baby’s preferences. But you have to take care of everything.

Some babies prefer specific nipples shape and certain bottles, so you need to check them out and also find nipples are made of latex or silicone. These are more flexible and do not create any side effects to the baby’s mouth. Nipples come in different shapes, you choose from dome-shaped or flat nipples that like a mother’s breast. On the other hand, baby bottles are made of very different materials such as plastic, glass, stainless steel, etc. If possible you need to look through inside the Bottles and choose which made of high-quality material. Bottles And nipples are very necessary items because when your baby becomes 7 months-one years old.

5. Dishwasher Basket for Bottles

A dishwasher basket for bottle is specially designed for the new mums so they can hold their different baby products or accessories in one place. These baskets will allow you to enjoy the greater comfortable as you do not need to search for baby products here and there. According to mums, this is best to buy.  It not just help you locate the things property but also provide sense of satisfaction. After all, it is made of free toxic elements and has necessary structure, so you can hold the feeder Bottles.

On the other hand, it maintains the safety standards because the design made of toxic elements that are BPA and no PVC that passes a safety barrier and gives a strong intact. If you think your kid going to be mischievous then this is a must buy product.

These are 5 best products that help you in feeding. Choose from the best brand and enjoy the real motherhood. Good Luck!

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