Your Guide To Having The Best Maternity Photoshoot


Being pregnant is truly a remarkable and beautiful experience. This is one stage of life
where your hubby and you both look forward to the arrival of your little one. You spend
time preparing, setting up the baby’s room, taking blessings from your loved ones, eating
special and delicious food to ensure the good health of your baby & whatnot! Another
way to enhance your journey of being pregnant is by doing a baby shoot. The best time
to do a maternity photoshoot is sometime between 28-32 weeks as the baby bump looks
best at this time. However, doing one is not so simple. So if you are looking for a guide
that can help you with the same, let us tell you have come to the right place. Keep
reading to enhance your knowledge of maternity photoshoots.

How To Dress Up For A Maternity Photoshoot?

The biggest and most essential part of looking attractive for your photoshoot is dressing
up the right way. Not just that, you need to find the perfect maternity photographer who
will know how to highlight your face properly, flatter it in all the right ways and give you
the perfect look. So if you are wondering who can give you the best maternity
photoshoot Noida, trust us to help you out on the same.

Maxi Dresses
Maxi dresses are usually comfortable and very ideal. They look incredible and can
perfectly flatter a pregnant body. Maxi dresses will also help you focus on your baby
bump while also smoothening out areas that look troublesome. So, when you shop, try to
find a good maxi dress that comes with some texture.

Fitted or flowy
Wearing a maxi dress that highlights your beautiful curves is what you need. Several
women often feel uncomfortable when they are doing so. Flowy dresses happen to be a
lot more popular as they can be a lot less relieving sometimes. Fitted and flowy dresses

also make the best photos. You should consider carrying both and then experimenting it

Alternate between two outfits
You can always have two different outfits to choose from for your maternity photography like
dressy or casual outfits. This won’t just give you several options while choosing but also
give you something you can hang out with. All you need to do is speak to your
photographer, think of the kind of outfit exchange you want during your maternity shoot,
etc. You are also going to be thankful when you have all the maternity photos from
various outfits.

Dont just keep yourself to one dress
Never wear just one dress for any shoot. Make sure you also have a nice sweater
alongside for the shoot. That will also make you look super stunning and attractive. You
could switch between a natural or neutral appearance or even switch it up with
something you prefer.
Solids Can Be Tried
You can also experiment with a few solid colors in order to see what flatters your body
more. We highly recommend that you stick with colors that are straightforward and solid.
Stay Away From Solid Colours
Also, make sure you stay far away from colors that are very strong. Black is a classic color
and can be tried as well. You may also try white as it will allow your bump to show
without making it very distracting.
Timeless is what you need

If you want to invest in high-quality maternity photos, make sure you don’t go to
something that will make you look back and think about why were you wearing that in
the first place. Hence, it is advisable that you wear a dress that is flowy, simple, sticks to
pastel, neutral tones, etc.
Textured Photos
Your photos will look perfect if you wear textured clothing. You could either go for a knit
a sweater that is chunky or some lace dress and jeans with a nicely embroidered top.
Either way, you may either texture the clothes, create some more interest and make your
photos look more beautiful and enhanced. It will also be great for your pattern or print.

And last but not the least, have your own sense of style. That is extremely important
when it comes to doing a maternity shoot. You could do a milk bath, try some creativity
and beauty from your end, or a special photography genre that you prefer.

Don’t put on too much makeup
Always avoid wearing a lot of makeup. You don’t have to have a smokey eye or flashy
makeup slapped across your face for the perfect-looking maternity shoot. You just want
to look simple, stylish, and enhanced so make sure you go for that. This look is also
applicable to nails. You could go for a white polish as well in order to have a more clean
Find The Right Fit

Not everyone who is pregnant will have the same body type. Hence it is important that
we dress a body type or outfit in a manner that accentuates the bump. We love all things
that come with a waistband and sit upon the bump as it gives the waist a lot more
enhanced appearance. So, make sure your clothes have all the right fits.

Outdoor Photoshoot Ideas
Have you imagined yourself doing an outdoor maternity shoot? If so, then let us guide
you through it. Down below we are going to give you some exciting and fun ideas that
will surely maternity photoshoots fun, exciting, and super special, even when you are
doing them outside your home.

Take Photos With Your Partner
If you are about to enter parenthood, make sure to take a couple of photos with your
husband by your side. After all, your shoot isn’t complete without any of them. Sharing
the same excitement with them will really come out in all the maternity photos.

Go To A Field
When you are shooting outside, you don’t have to spend too much time looking for the
perfect location, as far as you have a field nearby. The tall grasses and beautiful flower
beds will make the perfect background for a nice maternity photoshoot in Delhi. You can
also get some extra points if the color of your outfit matches the season as well.

A Street Is A Great Place Too
If you are one to live in an urban area, you might as well enjoy the industrial feel that
comes with city life. You can find a cute cafe surrounded by buildings or some chic and
urban aesthetics alongside textured backgrounds like metal and concrete that will look
good on you too.

A Floral Background Is A Good Idea Too

Pregnancy can make any woman feel like a complete goddess. And one of the best ways
to embrace that is by shooting photos in a floral background, floral crowns are something
that most women look forward to while taking photos. The trend is also quite popular and
something that you should experiment with if you want the perfect captures.

Try Winter Aesthetics

Winter is one of the most exciting times of the year and if you are tired of doing maternity
photoshoots at home, do step out into the snow in your best winter attire and click some
nice captures with your munchkin.

Take Photos With Your Pets

If you have pets and you love taking them out for walks, you can always feature them in
your maternity photoshoots. Not only will they add in that aww factor but also look

Try A Graffiti Wall

Have you seen photos on Instagram where people take captures against walls that
display eye-catching art? Have you seen the comments, likes, and engagement in those
photos? They are always booming! You could also try the same. Maternity photoshoot
Gurgaon has many places with exciting street art where you can click away.

Take A Few Good Close-Ups

You could also take some good close-ups of your husband and baby bump. Always
focus on the hands and the arm area. Ensure they are entwined well with your partner
and flaunt that baby bump perfectly.

Baby Shoes
What’s more cute and adorable than taking some cute photos of your baby’s shoes? You
can always zoom in to take some cute captures of you and your husband holding the
baby shoes near your belly. They are bound to look cute.

There are various outfit & photo ideas that you can experiment with when it comes to
shooting. However, the most valuable thing you need to remember is to document is
that this is something for you to enjoy and not stress so much about it. So, make sure you
enjoy this special phase as much as you can. Think carefully before choosing the right
outfit, avoid using too much heavy jewelry, and yes, take the best captures. If you are
looking for the best maternity photoshoot Noida, you can always connect with us. We
will help you out with everything you need to get the right captures for your special