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Do you know why babies feel Ill during their 0 to 6 months?

Do you know why the babies’ feel Ill during their 0 to 6 months?
If you don’t know the reason, I must tell you about this serious issue.
One reason can be you are not feeding your baby properly.
Secondly, sunbath is as Important for babies; as food for us, So give a proper sunbath to baby 3 to 4 times; In a week. Another issue rather than this can be a weak immune system of a baby. It can be genetic, but If you are taking care of your baby properly, and you are feeding your baby with a feeding bottle then you must read it completely.
According to scientific research babies, who are fed naturally are healthier than those who are fed artificially.
And the other reason that babies may feel ill is because of an unhealthy environment and unhygienic baby products.
So I want to give you a piece of advice you should Sterilize all the feeding bottles of the baby immediately after feeding, and you should Sterilize the baby’s plastic toys too. Believe me that you will notice a difference.
It is a simple procedure, but it can give you relaxation, and you will notice that baby is fit and fine.
Most moms take this precaution, but if you are not doing it, Your baby may feel ill, and it may impact babies immune system too. No need to worry!
Here I’m Introducing a product That May keep you calm and tension free. And you will be one step ahead of others. After all, It is a question of your baby’s health.

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