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5 Products May Help You to Bath Your Baby Safely

One of the delightful yet worrying tasks for parents is giving baths to their infant or newborn. There are countless ways to give your infant a safe and enjoyable bath. But as a newbie parent, you have many questions and sometimes anxiety about when and how to give the first bath to your newborn. 

Here, in this article we have shared the details of giving bath to your baby and especially the products you should use to give bath safely to your baby. Parents have to be extremely careful while giving bath. The newborns are slippery so you have to support them tightly by using both hands. Even more you have to use the products like baby shampoo, baby oil, etc very carefully by avoiding accident. 

Well, being parents, you might be little worrying especially if you haven’t seen baby bath yet. But there I need to share an advice, while giving bath to your baby is focus on him/her and avoid callings or chatting. For little bath time is more like their fun and playing time. While sometimes kids cry a lot as their skin is very sensitive and they hate water. And this is why actually some parents ask their doctors “how often they should give bath to their baby?” and “When they should give bath to their newborn?”

There is debate on when to give bath to your newborn. Also, many rituals are the matter of giving bath. Besides all, doctors recommend general practice is giving sponge bath to your baby until umbilical cord doesn’t falls and circumcision heals. However, we recommend you consult your doctor for giving your baby first bath, as they suggest you best for you and your baby. 

At this time, sponge bath is best. As little not get dirty and if there is smell of discharge around the genital area you can clean with by using wipes and good quality sponge that don’t harsh his/her skin.  Below we have discussed some list of products you should add in your bathroom while giving bath to your infant. Continue reading. 

If you don’t know how to give sponge bath, then read the given guide. 

How to give Sponge bath to newborn?

If you’re ready to give your newborn sponge bath then first look for the area which is dirt free (you can use either bathroom or kitchen). Now keep your phone aside and do focuses on giving bath only as it would help in avoid accidents. 

  • Keep your baby sponge bath kit aside near the bathing area. It includes baby shampoo, two Washcloths, baby soap, baby shampoo, cotton balls, and soft towel. 
  • Take warm water and dab the washing cloth in it. Pat it little dry and clean your baby skin with it. Make sure to clean her each part with cloth such as behind ears, neck, private area, face, legs, behind knees, and feet. If you think cloth is not enough it’s okay to use little baby soap or shampoo to clean her/him. 
  • While giving bath to your baby make sure to put her in lap and squeeze warm water droplets over her face and head. And don’t forget to give massage with your soft hands. 

At this moment another question may hitting on your head is “how to clean girl or boy’s private parts?” let’s see!

Steps to clean girl’s private part

  • Use sanitized and moistened cotton balls or baby wipes and spread labia. Now gentle clean her vagina. (Clean by moving front to back).  You may find diapers crease and sometimes creams collect near labia. The private area required more cleanliness, so be careful while doing this. 
  • If you’re seeing white discharge (which is very normal) so clean between the labia and vagina of baby girl. 

Steps to clean boy’s private part

  • Take a warm wipes or cotton balls and clean beneath the scrotum and skin of buttocks as well as creases around the base. 
  • Clean the circumcision area carefully. 

This is all you have to care while giving sponge bath to your baby. After that the real fun and stress of giving bath begins. At this point, you need some useful products that give bath safely and also allow your kid to have fun during bath time.

5 Products That May Help You to Bath Your Baby Safely

  1. Baby Bathtub

It is necessary product which you should buy definitely. Having bathtub will give your baby more time to play and connects with you. Also, it reduces the risk of having accidents. You need to put your baby inside the tub and give him/her bath freely. At the same time, while buying the bathtub it is crucial to check quality points. Many bathtubs are available in the market and you have to choose the one that fits with your kid. 

Choose the right tub that is safe, made of good quality, and easy to use for you. Also, must measure the height of tub with your kid. It allows your kid have a comfortable bath. 

Points to check while buying bathtub

  • Temperature gauge
  • Smooth edges and rim
  • Made of good plastic
  • Non-skid surface
  1. Baby Lotion

Baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. Therefore, you have to choose the baby lotion that protect your baby skin from damages and keep it soft as well as moisturized. Besides, baby lotion work as perfect skin regime for them as in marinating PH levels, reduce dryness, and give proper nourishments. There are many baby lotion brands are available, but we advise you choose dermatologist recommended baby lotion. 

 Points to check while buying baby lotion

  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Clinically tested
  • Good for all skin types
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Provides proper hydration and moisture
  • Prevent skin damages
  • No side effects
  • Chemicals free
  1. Baby Nail clippers

Just like you, baby has to look perfect from head to toe. This is why baby nail clippers is a necessary product you should add in your list. Nail clippers should be made of best quality so they don’t harsh your baby skin and cut the nails smoothly without pain. Baby’s finger nails grow at fast pace, so you need to be careful with that. Cutting nails can prevent the scratches over her/him face and also prevent the nails to get dirt which can cause infection. 

While choosing best nail clipper for your baby, you must look for the brand without bothering money. Here are things you need to take care while choosing baby nail clipper.

Points to check while buying baby nail clipper

  • Non slip handle
  • Soft tipped tweezers
  • Smooth nail file
  • Made of good quality
  • Give full control over clipper
  1. Baby Shampoo and Body wash

Baby skin is delicate and smells sweet. Hence, you should flourish up with the use of baby shampoo and body wash. There are range of products and brands are available that keep your baby’s skin clean and moisturized. Using these essential products, you will your baby great smell, perfect hygiene, and smooth skin surface that keep him/her always smiling without feeling irritation. 

It seems often that kids start crying when they don’t feel clean and fresh.  So as parents you should care of your kid needs just like you. But yes, be extra careful while choosing their products. 

Points to check while buying baby shampoo and body wash

  • No chemicals
  • Paraben free
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Contain good fragrance
  • Skin friendly
  • Cause no irritation to eyes
  • Locks the skin moisture
  • Keep skin healthy and fresh
  • Check EWG rating
  1. Infant safe sunscreen

Suppose you are travelling and there are sharp UV rays and you have your 3-6 months baby old in your lap. Do you want your baby’s skin get harm? Not at all! This is why Infant safe sunscreen is available for patents so they can protect their baby’s skin under sun and pollution. Even doctors have recommended sunscreen for babies as they have power to control harmful UV rays. 

Moreover, baby’s skin is too sensitive. Hence, it is essential to avoid sun exposure when baby is 3-5 months old. If there is need, don’t forget to apply sunscreen from the best company. Plus, you can use soft cotton cloth that protects your baby’s skin from the sun and also from other pollutants. While finalizing the sunscreen there are many points to check. 

Points to check while buying infant safe sunscreen

  • Must have SPF 30 or above
  • Give protection against sun burn and sun patches
  • Water resistant
  • Made of good quality ingredients
  • No PABA
  • No chemicals
  • Best for your baby skin

With the basics knowledge, you can give your baby healthy and safe bath time. These are the products you must include in your baby bath kit. And most importantly, choose the products from the genuine dealers only. Good Luck!

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