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How to care for your hair for having strong and beautiful hair.

How to care for your hair for having strong and beautiful hair

Whether you are male or female, hairs are the first love of any person. After all, it enhances your personality and self-esteem. So, do you want to have shiny and beautiful hair? Of course. That’s why you have landed on this page.

So, explore the easy hair care routine that involves maintaining the health of hair and applying beneficial products to your hair. Well, it needs to be mentioned that hair doesn’t include regular care, but once in a week is mandatory.

Without further ado, let’s start a hair care routine.

1.   Know the hair type

As you know, every hair type is different and needs to be treated accordingly. So before getting into a hair routine it is a must to identify your hair type so you can easily improve the hair quality and create the best possible hair regimen.

So, let us know the hair types and find the hair care routine. You may have hair like:

·       Dry

·       Normal

·       Wavy

·       Curly

·       Thick

·       Thin

·       Normal

·       Straight

Now, figure out what type of hair you have. Remember always treat your hair gently, and do not follow the hair care routine exactly your friend does until he/she has not the same hair type as you have.

2.   Do not wash your hair frequently

There are many people who often believe that they need to wash their hair frequently. But it is possible in the case if their hair gets excess oil or get dirty because of their work. However, washing hair twice a week is enough. In general, it says that people with straight hair need to wash hair more often than thick or curly hair.

Here, find the hair wash routine as per hair type.

·       Dry hair needs to wash after every third day

·       If your hair is oily, washing it after a day helps you have clean and healthy hair.

·       Normal hair needs wash after every 3 days

However, there is no perfect method how you should wash your hair. But it is recommended to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. In our top pick, we suggest L’Oréal Professional Absolute repair shampoo.

3.   Do not wash your hair with hot water

If you want to make your hair beautiful and healthy, the golden rule of thumb is to avoid washing hair with hot water. With hit water you can lose the natural shine of your hair, so add lukewarm water that maintains the shine of your hair.

4.   Comb your wet hair to avoid waves

If you want simply straight hair then comb your hair after wash. As it helps you have frizz-free hair and pulls out extra water from the hair. Use a wide-tooth comb for this task, as it doesn’t break your hair and avoid damages. So start using a wide-tooth comb with Vega and make your hair the way you want.

5.   Avoid Hair dryer

There is no doubt to say that hair dryer often used by men and women to dry their hair. But as per hair experts, air dry hair looks much better than dryer. They say a heat occurs from hair dryer damages hair follicles and lead to damage hair. However, if not possible to dry hair in air so use hair dryer that comes with cooler settings.

Try this Vega a hair dryer for enhanced look.

6.   Trim your hair once a month

Hairs are prone to split ends, damage, and wavy if you avoid trimming your hair for the long time. To make your hair healthy give your hair a gentle hair care routine by trimming your extra hair or damaged hair after every 4-6 weeks.

If you think trimming your hair in the salon is expensive so invest in scissors for your hair like Foreign Holics hair cutting scissors.

7.   Do not mess with your hair

You know that hair already has natural oils, so using your hands as a comb or clipping your hair tightly can cause damages. With such activities, you can increase the oils in the hair and make it greasy. To avoid such issues make your haircut easy and manageable for you.

8.   Avoid the use of dyes & hair color

To lock the natural moisture of your hair, it is a must to avoid the use of dyes and hair color. In case if you are willing to do so check the natural hair color that doesn’t cause damages to hair follicles.  Also ensure you have color your hair in 3 shades only i.e natural brown, black, and burgundy.

For the best hair color, you can choose L’Oréal, a trusted brand in the market.

9.   Avoid direct exposure to the sun

Well, it’s not new advice. If you want to keep your hair protected against sun damages you need to use a scarf while going outside especially if your hair are colored. In case if you need to use the best hair conditioner to prevent damages or apply SPF-protected hair care spray.

10.  Use Dry Shampoo

As we said earlier excess shampooing of hair can cause damages. So, it is better to choose dry shampoo instead of other for washing your hair. Dry shampoos are easy products to get away from dirty hair without using water. All you have to do is spread dry shampoo evenly on the hair and leave it for a few seconds then brush your hair. And you will enjoy beautiful hair naturally.

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The Bottom Line

Hair is generally the best way to keep your personality attractive. Therefore, following hair care routine can help you enjoy the healthy, beautiful, and wave-free hair that you need. Despite all such hair care habits, one must eat a healthy diet like fruits, veggies, and dry nuts to add protein.

Doing regular exercise can help in increasing blood circulation and nourishes the hair scalp, so one can enjoy gorgeous hair with beautiful skin.

So, what’s your take on a hair care routine? Share your thoughts with us.

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