Home Decorating 7 Products to Spruce up your Home for 2021

7 Products to Spruce up your Home for 2021

7 products to spruce up your home for 2021

As we all have been spending more time at our homes in 2021, it has become necessary to do new things and see new things to rejuvenate while staying inside your house, safe and sound.

If you have been thinking of changing the interior of your house to shake things up a bit, read this article to find out what you can buy to upgrade your house and give yourself a new setting to live in.  

We have hand-picked the wide variety of decorative to spruce up your interior. By adding some of these products you’ll see the great amendments at affordable price.

  1. Hexagonal Brown Flower UV Textured Decorative Painting (set of 3) 

It is a wooden matte painting with an abstract frame and a mysterious beauty. A beautiful painting can enhance the ambience of a room by presenting itself as something that speaks a thousand words, with everybody perceiving it in their way.

You can also add a set of lights to highlight the painting and enhance the ambience simultaneously. The frame is of good quality and durability; hence, it will last long for a longer period. The painting does not include the glass with the frame. It is very aesthetic and pretty.


  • Brand- SAF
  • Colour- Color6
  • Material- Synthetic
  • Size- 17*17 inches


  • It is aesthetic and sturdy
  • A perfect gift material


  • Comeswith double-sided tape that might not stick to a wall.

Motivational theme UV coated decorative painting (set of 4)

A matte-finished painting with a motivational message written over it. It is also creatively made with a beautiful design and a matte finish with a sturdy frame that will suit your living room and enhance its beauty to its maximum level. You can also increase its beauty with a combination of good pendant lights that will focus all the show of the room to the paintings making it the focal point of the room.

A set of incandescent lights will make this painting look chic and cool. The painting is highly durable, and its quality is up to par. 


  • Brand- SAF
  • Colour- Color6
  • Material- Synthetic
  • Size- 19.5*19.5 inches


  • Multi-coloured
  • Comes in a set of 4


  • The back hook is not sturdy enough.
  1. Buddha Monk Statues, small (set of 4)

Buddha statues have been considered as a decor and gift item that adds the calm element to the ambience of a room. They can enhance the positive energy of your house with this statue handcrafted by Sacred Blessings with the Buddha statues in a thinking pose.

These are comparatively small-sized but look cute when kept together as a set of 4. You can place these statues in your living room, office, study table showpiece, drawing room, puja room, yoga room etc. These can increase your house’s peace and calm whilst also promoting beauty and compassion as Buddha’s main message was peace and compassion.


  • Brand- Tied Ribbons
  • Colour- 4 Monks
  • Material- Resin
  • Size- 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm; 220gms


  • Washable
  • Ideal for décor
  • High durable


  • Small in size
  1. Wooden handmade hanging wind chimes

This beautiful handmade and hand-printed wooden hanging chime is a multi-coloured item that will spruce up your living room or balcony like nothing else. It will add an ethnic taste to your house.

It has bells attached to the bottom of the chimes that produce a soothing bell sound even when a light wind strikes the wind chimes. It has a loop at the top that can hang on the porch, living room or your balcony. This is a piece of attraction for those who hear it; these bell sounds liven up the living room and create a festive theme.   


  • Brand- ExclusiveLane
  • Colour- Multi
  • Material- Wood
  • Size: 11 X 1.9 X 11.5 inches.


  • Produces beautiful sound
  • A perfect option for balcony


  • It is not waterproof.
  1. Decorative wooden wall hangings

This product easily blends in well with any material such as wood, metal and even glass surfaces to create an aesthetically appealing feeling. It ties the whole decor together and makes the space look more cohesive. This is a true eye-catching art sculpture that can be hung on a wall.

It has both a rustic as well as modern art feel that will go with however your decor. This can be used as a wall hanging in rooms, kitchens, restaurants, offices. It is made of pinewood which is a high-quality wood too. It is easier to clean, low maintenance and shatterproof.

Features – 

  • Manufacturer- Basement Bazar
  • Colour- 3-0007
  • Material- Laser cut with premium leather
  • Size: 9 X 3 X 27 cm

Pros – 

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to hang on the wall


  • Very lightweight, according to a review
  1. Seven chakra crystal gemstone Bonsai Money Tree.

This is a very pleasing to the eye product that will enhance the beauty and ambience of your room with its elegance and positive vibes. This has crystal gemstones used that create such a powerful, calm and serene beauty. 

It has a solid base that provides stability to its whole structure and crystals act as a healing medium that is usually used to cure negativity.


  • Brand- PREK
  • Colour- Seven Chakra
  • Material- Stone
  • Size: 12.7 X 12.7 X 27.9 cm


  • Increases appeal of ambience
  • A successful gemstone for home


  • Might break easily
  1. Planter stand 

You can organize your balcony with beautiful indoor or outdoor plants placed over it. This is a very beautiful piece of iron coated with white paint to give it a pretty look. It can be placed on entryways, patios, rooftops, terrace pool areas etc.

It enhances the beauty of the area you place it. You can put climbers, indoor plants over it that increase the beauty of this planter which in turn enhances the ambience of the particular area. It is very durable and a modern styled planter.


  • Manufacturer- Dime Store
  • Colour- White
  • Material- Metal
  • Size: 11.5 X 9.5 X 24.5 inches


  • Very sturdy
  • Increase your balcony look


  • Prone to rust


To rejuvenate your soul and spice up your house decor to create a new sense of interior, you must add any one of these materials so that you can improve your mental peace as well.

Further, these products can pose as healers that will lighten up the other things that are around your house. Thus, it can be concluded that to spruce up your house, you can buy these items that will enhance the aesthetics of your house and also are budget-friendly. 


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